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The purpose of the Miami Northwestern Senior High School’s Educational Excellence School Advisory Council is to work to ensure improved student achievement. The Council will work to ensure that the preparation and the evaluation of the school improvement plan meets the standards that has been established by Statute 1001.452 in Miami-Dade School Board Rule 6Gx13-1B-1.031, and in Miami-Dade Public Schools/United Teachers of Dade Contract, Article XXVI, Section 5--Comprehensive Revision of Florida School Improvement and Education Accountability. EESAC will use a consensus management approach in which all stakeholders involved will identify priorities, make recommendations, and find solutions that will address the improvement of student achievement in a collaborative manner. All recommendations made by and evolving from the EESAC should be directly related to one or more strategies of its School Improvement Plan, and in support of the State/District goals.